3 Tips Your Students Can Practice to Stay Safe

3 Tips Your Students Can Practice to Stay Safe

Are you looking for tips your students can practice to stay safe? You’ve come to the right place. With the ever-increasing security and safety threats to schools, parents, teachers, and school leaders are more concerned than ever for student safety. As a school leader, you must do your utmost best to ensure everyone is safe at school. APS is here to give you the tools you need to ensure everyone stays safe and can get faster response time in the chance of a threat. With us and our Alert-Com system, you and your students can remain safer in a threat and know how to respond to danger if you are in need.

Alert-Com school

Alert-Com, is it right for your school?

As a school administrator, you have a lot of responsibility weighing on your shoulders. You take your staff and students’ safety into consideration daily and collaborate with everyone on how to serve them best. One thing you desperately hope to never witness is a school shooting. School shootings should be something unimaginable. They should never happen. These horrible events have taken too many innocent lives. You wonder how to stop them, and if you are prepared for an attack. Have you considered Alert-Com, and is it right for your school?

Ideas for Safer Schools

Ideas for Safer Schools

Being responsible for your schools and students means you must protect them at all costs. You have your protocols in place or should for critical incidents, but do you have an effective way to notify and communicate those incidents to the right people at the right time? One must have an effective notification and communication system. That’s where we can help, with Alert-Com. Learn more about Alert-Com below and let’s go over a few ideas for safer schools.

Office Lockdown Protocol

Uh-oh. It’s that dreaded time again: revisiting your safety procedures. As an owner or leader of your business, you know it’s important to keep your people safe but danger can feel so distant. It seems like an active shooter threat will never happen to your place of business. But… if you’re honest with yourself, you…

Make a Safety Plan at School

Imagine the aftermath. It was another school shooting. The worst part is that lives were lost and amidst the chaos, you didn’t have a safety plan. Now, this sounds extreme, and it is, but it’s the reality of the world we live in. Could you have prevented this tragedy? This is why you should make…

Steps to Take in an Emergency

Do you wonder about disasters that have happened and if they could’ve been prevented? Or, imagine what it was like if those disasters didn’t have to end in death? We have a plan to change that. It’s called preparing for emergencies, and here are steps to take in an emergency. Prepare Preparation is key. That…