When the forecast calls for rain, you take an umbrella with you. It’s just being prepared for the possibilities. On a larger scale, it’s wise to be ready for potential threats when it involves you or your family. We live in a world where we have seen senseless violence take lives in numbers large and small, which is why it’s wise to consider threat response solutions before dangerous situations arise.

There are several different ways you can prepare, depending on your focus. For instance, you may want to be able to safeguard yourself against danger. In that case, you may wish to take courses in:

Firearm Safety — Instructors teach staff how to use and carry guns lawfully.

Self-Defense — You learn how to respond in a dangerous situation.

Building Assessment — Ensure your facility is to code per our accredited homeland security assessment plans.

The Safety of Students, Employees, & Customers

In another scenario involving threat response solutions, your attention may be on the safety of those in your employment, whether a school, business, or government agency. An example would be an active shooter situation.

With a smartphone alert system, like ALERT-COM communication in real-time saves lives. This type of app connects you to employees and lets them know what is happening and what action should be taken. You’ll feel more confident after you have taken sound measures to protect and inform those under your care.

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