No one knows how they would react in an active shooter situation, and at Hedge Tactical Solutions, we hope you never have to find out.

We know that knowledge is a valuable safety tool, and it’s why we’re going to dispel some active shooter myths here. Being informed is a major step toward being prepared. An active shooter alert app such as our Alert-Com app should also be part of your preparation as it gives you vital information in a threat situation.

Here are the myths:

  • Shooters are mentally ill and have a profile that can be identified.
  • These acts aren’t premeditated.
  • There are no warning signs.
  • The guns they use are illegally obtained.
  • Violent video games provide motivation.

Here’s the truth:

  • Most shooters are not diagnosed as mentally ill, and there is no typical profile.
  • Planning and premeditation are common in a large percentage of shootings.
  • Some signs can provide an alert, including increased aggression and firearm behavior.
  • Most shooters legally purchase or possess their weapons.
  • Researchers have not found any link between violent games and aggressive behavior.


Now that you have a better idea of things you need to be aware of, we hope you will combine that knowledge with the information you can obtain from an active shooter alert app if the need ever arises.

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