APS is here to help you prepare for and navigate all emergencies. We work with your organization to provide real-time, accurate, and actionable information, because protecting you and your people is what we do. Our business is preparedness through communication. All day, every day.

Shane Liberda

Chief Executive Officer

A message from our CEO


My name is Shane Liberda and I am the CEO of APS. I am grateful to see you on our site. You have taken the first step toward working together on a customizable crisis response solution for your organization, and I am eager to show you what we can do for you.

At APS, we work every day to minimize the impact of a crisis through the  most comprehensive and cutting-edge communication and notification technology. When you partner with us to protect your organization, you will see that we constantly innovate — to benefit you. And yet that innovation is seamless, as it simply folds into the work we are already doing for you. 

Our solutions allow you to:

  • prepare (and prepare some more)
  • gather and share critical information in real-time
  • mobilize (critically important when every second counts)
  • act faster (cutting response time saves lives and property)

We spend our days thinking of all emergency possibilities — and work to develop and implement solutions that will make a difference in real-time — and real life. 

Whether you are a private business, a public building, a religious organization or a school, our goal is steadfast: To be your go-to crisis response partner.

APS is a software provider of unique, fully customizable emergency notification solutions to organizations who want to be in control of their notification process and response timelines to better protect their people and space. APS’s solutions provide specific, real-time information that allows organizations to calmly handle and resolve crisis events and help significantly reduce first responders’ response time. 

Meet Our Dedicated APS Team

Liz Ohlsen

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Kisch

Operational Safety Officer