APS is here to help you prepare for and navigate all emergencies. We work with your organization to provide real-time, accurate, and actionable information, because protecting you and your people is what we do. Our business is preparedness through communication. All day, every day.

Shane Liberda

Chief Executive Officer

My name is Shane Liberda and I am the CEO of APS. As an early albeit passive investor in the “idea” of APS, I watched the progress and vision develop. The pull became too great, and I left the passive role to take our future on and with that the future of crisis communication. Stepping in to lead the team in June of 2021 I could not possibly be prouder of what we’ve accomplished to innovate and serve.

I have a special soft spot in my heart and mind to see APS continue growing in protecting the students and staff of our nation’s schools. This is the same across our entire staff. That said, we see crisis in all corners and serve our commercial and public clients one and the same.

By visiting us today, you have taken the first step toward working together on a customized crisis notification and communication solution for your organization. For that I am grateful.

Liz Ohlsen

Chief Operating Officer

I’m the Chief operating officer for Alert Protection Services. As a long standing member of the team, I head up the innovations and staff that contribute to the success of our products.

Protecting every industry no matter how large or small is why I’m here. We take your concerns seriously and know we can make a difference when it comes to notification and communication with your staff in critical instances. Please feel free to connect with me directly with any questions! liz@apstechno.com

APS is a software provider of unique, fully customizable emergency notification solutions to organizations who want to be in control of their notification process and response timelines to better protect their people and space. APS’s solutions provide specific, real-time information that allows organizations to calmly handle and resolve crisis events and help significantly reduce first responders’ response time.